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IJPDS Conversion Products

AFP Conversion Products and Services

We offer a robust set of Java and XML based tools and transforms for converting and processing your AFP print streams. All with Java cross-platform support and high volume output production application performance.

  • Analyze your AFP Applications
  • Transform AFP to XML
  • Transform AFP to PDF
  • Transform AFP to Image
  • Convert XML to AFP
  • Modify Your AFP Print streams
  • Split and Manipulate Your AFP Print streams
  • Collect and Manipulate Your AFP Resources
  • Perform Electronic Post-Processing

Use the AFP PageMapper™ Utility to transform AFP files to XML. The XML files produced by the AFP PageMapper Utility allow you to analyze, manipulate, and extract information from your AFP print files. You can convert the XML produced by the AFP PageMapper Utility to PDF using the XML to PDF Converter Utility. The AFP to PDF Converter tool combines the function of these applications into a single step AFP to PDF transform. You can modify and add content to the XML and then convert it back to AFP or to PDF. The AFP Template Merge application allows you to merge XML template data with an existing AFP document while reordering or selecting pages from the AFP file. Our tools allow you to extract resources from AFP files or to gather resources required by an AFP document. These products are available with desktop or server based licenses.

Our XML viewing and editing tools improve you productivity when using our AFP transforms and tools. The XML Browser/Editor Utility is fast and can open XML files containing millions of tags quickly. The XML Utility can be configured easily to recognize a custom XML application. We provide definitions for the XML files produced by our AFP Tools. The AFP PageMap Browser and Viewer Utilities can open XML files which are hundreds of megabytes in size.

See AFP Transform and Conversion Products and Services for more information about each of these tools and to obtain demo versions of these programs.

We also offer consulting services and can help build your AFP solutions using our AFP tools.

IJPDS Conversion Products

Our IJPDS Conversion utility allows you to convert your IJPDS binary files into XML, PDF, AFP or image.

  • Analyze your IJPDS Applications
  • Transform IJPDS to XML
  • Transform IJPDS to PDF
  • Transform IJPDS to AFP
  • Transform IJPDS to Image
  • Rip and display your IJPDS Fonts and Documents
  • Configure multiple Rips to display composite color pages

The XML files make it easy to analize and validate your IJPDS application. The converter allows you to RIP and display your data. You can also convert the XML to PDF or AFP. The IJPDS converter is 100% pure Java application for portability and is multithreaded to exploit multi-core processors. If you have questions or requirements with regard to this program please contact us at We encourage you to send us suggestions, requirements and or test files that you feel would improve the utility of this program.

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