AFP data stream tools are designed to help application developers view, parse and analyze AFP and IJPDS files. All utilities have a cross platform desktop interface that has a drag and drop user interface for ease of use.

AFP PageMapper Utility converts AFP to XML to diagnose, extract data and collect recourses. Designed to help data stream application developers get the information they need to extract information from AFP documents to evaluate the original data, manipulating AFP documents and resources for customization, or simply analyzing your AFP documents for quality and analysis.

Utilizing the AFP PageMapper output, XML Browser Editor allows a user to view and edit the XML output file. This utility is capable of quickly opening large XML files (easily handles 4 GB files). The application includes custom configurations for the XML files produced by the TallPine AFP toolset and can be easily customized to handle other XML applications. This tool is included in the AFP PageMapper Utility license.

 AFP to XML List Utility converts AFP to XML format that closely mirrors the AFP architecture standard described in the AFP MO:DCA reference manual. The utility has a built-in XML browser capability that provides an effective means of viewing the XML file. Designed with performance in mind to quickly convert large AFP print stream files.

The XML AFP Converter takes an XML file that mirrors the AFP industry standard format and converts it to a variety of formats (PDF, AFP, or image). Developers can create an XML file from scratch or utilize the AFP PageMapper to generate the XML file. A developer can modify or extract recourses from the XML and the use the XML AFP Converter to out a different (or the same AFP) file type.