AFP conversion tools allow for many different formats (e.g. AFP to PDF, AFP to Image, and AFP to XML). These tools are written in Java and are designed for high performance with multi-threading capability, large file management, and support customization to meet each company‚Äôs needs.

The tools process AFP documents by converting them to an AFP XML format, allowing for modification, data extraction, resource management, and conversion to several different formats (PDF, AFP, JPEG, GIFF, etc.)

Benefits of AFP to PDF Conversion Tools

Speed – Designed for enterprise environments where companies need to process large AFP files to meet on-demand conversion.

Customization – A wide variety of customization options are available. Conversion tools come in two different formats: a desktop utility with a graphical user interface and server-based utility with command line and Java API.

Output options – The options for output file formats are PDF, XML, several image file formats, and AFP (great for converting/modifying print stream data without having to change the source).

AFP to PDF: The AFP conversion tool provides a variety of options. These include encryption, PDF output formats (1.3-1.6), individually indexed statements or a single PDF file. To increase performance, Type 1/TrueType fonts can be substituted for the original AFP RASTER fonts to provide higher quality, scalable documents, and can reduce the file size by up to 50%.

AFP to AFP:  An excellent way to take a source AFP file, modify it and then convert it to AFP without having to modify the original output. This is great for companies that want to add a page or barcode, modify or augment data, or capture data.

AFP to Image: The provides conversion to JPG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, BMP, or PNG.

Quality – Convert with first-class fidelity so the output file matches the original.

Modifications – Print stream data can be modified to add pages, add barcodes, split an AFP file into individual PDFs that include indexed file, or augment/obfuscate/extract data.  Utilization of external resource files can reduce the original data stream file size.

Summary of Features

Data Stream FormatAFP
Desktop Utility
Command Line/Server
Batch Conversion
Multi-threading for high performance
32/64 bit
PDF Watermark
PDF Encryption
ModificationAdd pages, augment, include barcodes, insert overlays, split AFP file and much more.
PDF Format1.3 – 1.6
Output StyleSingle PDF or indexed individual statement files
Other Output FormatsXML, TIFF, JPG, BMP,  PNG, GIFF, RAW, AFP
Conversion TypesAFP to PDF (AFP2PDF), AFP to XML (AFP2XML), AFP to image, XML to PDF (XML2PDF) and others