AFP Resource Library is the list of configurations for the resources used in the conversion process, whether it be for AFP file or the PDF process.

AfpResourceLib Tag

Directory Paths

Paths that resources are contained in for each type. If using detached resources (not inline AFP resources) these are the paths identified for each type.

  • respath – resource path(s) separated by ;
  • afprespath – afp resource path(s) for overlays (file extensions oly, ovr ovl) , page segments, separated by ; (file extensions – psf, pse)
  • cfpath – coded fonts path(s), separated by ; (fcf, cf)
  • cppath – coded pages path(s), separated by ; (file extensions – fcp, cp, ecp)
  • cspath – character sets path(s), separated by ; (file extensions – fcs, 240, oln, 300)

Other Attributes

  • defaultps – use 90
  • defaultcp – default coded page
  • logpath – the log file to be generated for the AFP Resource Library tracking.
  • logappend – true/false (omit all together is equivalent of false). Appends the log file
  • debug – true/false (omit all together is equivalent of false). Sets to debug mode to log details in the processing


<AfpResourceLib respath=’.;./resources;’
debug=’true’ >

Defining FGID resourcing

To define font characteristics by FGID, use the consortium Font Typeface Register for id and character references. If these are not defined in the AFP resource library, it will produce a warning when processing (i.e. FGID definition for XXXX not found).

AfpFgid Definitions

  • id – the id used to define attributes
  • defaultCS – default character set
  • baseFont – based font to be used (Times New Roman, Helvetica, Gothic, etc.)
  • bold – value of yes/true or omit all together is equivalent as false
  • italic – value of yes/true or omit all together is equivalent as false
  • serif – value of yes/true or omit all together is equivalent as false
  • fixed – sets the character set width to fixed. Value of yes/true or omit all together is equivalent as false


<AfpFgid id=’30’ baseFont=’Gothic’ fixed=’yes’ />
<AfpFgid id=’2308′ defaultCS=’CZN200′ baseFont=’Times New Roman’ serif=’yes’ />
<AfpFgid id=’2309′ defaultCS=’CZN400′ baseFont=’Times New Roman’ bold=’yes’ serif=’yes’ />

Font Substitution

Font substitution can done to replace the fonts used in the AFP source file with something different in the final PDF version. True type or type 1 fonts can be used.

Font Substitution Definitions

  • id = id of the font names in the AFP source
  • fontFile – file location of the font to be used in substitution
  • encoding – font style


<Font id=’OCRB BOA’ fontFile=’./resources/fonts/truetype/OCRB.ttf’ encoding=’Identity-H’ glyphset=’CZ920B’ />

Sample file here for reviewing.