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The AFP Template Merge Utility is a Java based program which allows you to merge XML data with AFP files to create custom AFP files. You can selectively include AFP pages and resources, add XML based pages, modify or augment page content and then produce a custom AFP files.

AFP Template Merge Utility Product Information

The AFP Template Merge Utility allows you to merge XML data with an AFP file to create a custom AFP that includes selected pages and page and content defined in an XML template file. Pages can be selected based on page number or name. You can include page groups or add page groups and indexing via the XML template. Add cover pages, add barcodes to existing pages, exploit unused space on pages to add marketing messages.

The AFP Template Merge Utility accesses your AFP font and resource libraries to include all necessary AFP resources and to produce accurate position and length attributes for all text. The AFP text is converted to Unicode using the AFP codepages.

The AFP Template Merge Utility desktop license is available for purchase. Please contact TallPine for pricing at support@tallpine.com. This includes a desktop license to the AFP PageMapper Transform Utility. There is a 30 day trial period and volume discounts are available. If you would like to try it, you can download a AFP Template Merge Utility demo version now.

If you need a server based production solution we have server based versions and licensing available for this program as well all the available TallPine data conversion products. Call or email us for more information.

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