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AFP Software Server Based Licensing

General Information

Each license includes a 60 day defect warranty, 60 days of installation and configuration support. Product defects and requests for enhancements are always accepted. Application development support and AFP consulting is provided at a rate of $200.00 per hour.

The server versions support a command line interface and a simple Java API but are otherwise functionally identical to the desktop versions.

The Server license fees include reasonable initial setup and configuration support. Application deployment support and other AFP/PDF related support and consulting can be provided for $200.00 per hour. If you are a service bureau providing access to the software to other companies who may otherwise use the software themselves then there are additional license fees that apply.

For service bureaus, the initial fee covers your use on behalf of the first customer. Each additonal customer requires a customer license. The customer licenses are not transferable. A customer license fee is due when a customer goes into production.

Please feel free to call 303-829-0208 to discuss any questions you have.