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The Corporation

TallPine Technologies, Inc. was created in 1995 and provides a wide range of custom software and services. We are focused on providing software solutions to meet the challenges of changing corporate information requirements. Our company provides a robust collection data conversion tools and applications which help you process your AFP and IJPDS files and exploit XML allowing you to manipulate, modify and convert those files.

The TallPine Technologies company realizes that technology is only one component of a complete solution. We provide custom software and integration services to provide complete solutions. We have an in-depth knowledge of AFP and provide custom AFP software, services and consulting of all kinds. One of our strengths is understanding how your business generates customer data today and how to help provide information tomorrow, with more efficiency and with higher impact.

The People

TallPine Technologies was founded by Jerold R. Sampson. Jerold has 30+ years of experience in the computer software industry, including 17 with IBM. He has several years experience as a successful software product manager and systems design manager in addition to extensive programming experience. Much of his time at IBM was spent developing AFP products and strategies for electronic information management. He brings extensive knowledge of issues related to managing electronic information as well as experience with datastreams such as AFP, XML, PDF, IJPDS, and HTML.

Our Products

The TallPine Technologies Corporation offers custom AFP programming services as well as general design and architecture consulting. We have extensive knowledge of the AFP datastream and issues related to viewing, indexing archival and retrieval. We can exploit our technology to design and/or develop a solution thatís right for you.

Since we own and develop our technology we can extend it to meet your needs or the needs of your clients and we can extend it quickly.

Our Services

TallPine Technologies is focused on delivering custom solutions to corporate information presentation problems. As a company, the impact of your companyís message can mean a competitive advantage. We strive to employ our expertise to insure that your message can exploit the latest technology and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Invitation

We are actively seeking opportunities to provide customer solutions and to partner with other companies where we can help deliver complete solutions to their clients.

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